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    Trails To Be Improved At Random Hills Park

    The trail in Random Hills Park will be improved, and the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) is seeking public input on its design. The park is located off Random Hills Road in Fair Oaks. The Park Authority is planning to upgrade about 1,000 linear feet of asphalt trail in this park as part of the I-66 Trail/Transform I-66 project.

    Some 1,000 feet of asphalt trail within Random Hills Park will be upgraded

    According to Centre View, “The goal is to connect VDOT’s proposed trail along I-66 with the existing trail network within Random Hills Park to Random Hills Road. Construction access will be from Random Hills Road and Route 50. The trail will be built entirely on Park Authority property and will extend through the park on the eastern side of Difficult Run. It’ll be designed and constructed to ADA standards, so it’ll serve both pedestrians and cyclists of all abilities.”

    As per Centre View, “To limit the trail’s impact to natural resources, it will follow the path of the existing trail, as much as possible. All relevant county, state, and federal permits will be obtained for any potential impact. Furthermore, the Park Authority will perform an archeological investigation of the area to make sure that no cultural resources are affected. FCPA welcomes residents’ suggestions and concerns about this project before the design is finalized. The public comment period will close on March 25.”

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