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Jorge Zablah

O: 703 765 0300 M: 703-217-7267

Dedicated to service

At Nesbitt Realty, Jorge Zablah serves as the Maintenance Dispatcher, a role that aligns with his extensive ten-year background in customer service.

Jorge's career in customer service has equipped him with the skills to navigate the complexities of maintenance dispatching. Committed to professional development, Jorge is currently expanding his expertise by studying People Management with a focus on Human Resources. This endeavor enhances his ability to understand and manage the dynamics of service and maintenance teams, further solidifying his role within the company.

Outside of work, Jorge's dedication shifts to his family. A devoted father and husband, he treasures spending quality time with them. Whether it's cooking on Friday nights or enjoying movies and series together, family time is sacred for Jorge. Additionally, he finds relaxation and enjoyment in playing video games, a hobby that balances his professional and personal life.

Jorge Zablah is a testament to the values of Nesbitt Realty, embodying a balance of professional acumen, continuous learning, and a strong commitment to family and community.

Jorge Zablah
Maintenance Coordinator
Office: 703 765 0300
Mobile: 703-217-7267
Nesbitt Realty
1451 Belle Haven Rd Ste 222
Alexandria VA 22307

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